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New Release: 0603 Dome Lens QBLP601D

QTB is pleased to release our new miniature 0603 SMD LED series: QBLP601D. This widely-used SMD LED package has been enhanced with a new feature, an integrated optical lens. This integrated optical lens focuses light into a narrow viewing angle of 35 degrees, thereby producing a more intense light compared to conventional flat lens designs. This product is ideal for applications requiring a higher light output within the same space restraint of a traditional 0603 SMD LED. Multiple color options are available.


  • Backlighting

  • Indcator

  • Signals & Signs

Product Features

  • Standard-industry 0603 footprint

  • Integrated optical lens

  • 35 degree narrow viewing angle

  • Surface mount

  • Available colors: red, orange, yellow, yellow-green, green, blue

Electrical and Optical Properties

Mechanical Dimensions Drawing


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