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Our QBLP631 G2 Series (2nd Generation) expands the standard 0805 package offering, that has been foundational and still widely used in many electronics. This G2 series provides both sorted options in 5mA and 20mA to cater to the ever expanding low power market, which allows for seamless integration (drop-in) with minimal changes to current board layouts.


  • Indication

    • wireless devices - fleet trackers, payment terminals, cameras/motion sensors

    • handheld's - barcode scanners, shavers, remotes, power banks

    • connectors - power cables and docking stations

  • Backlighting

    • keypads

    • panel or enclosure's symbols & logos

Product Features

  • Industry standard 0805 footprint

  • Low power consumption at 5mA

  • Surface mount device

Electrical and Optical Outputs

Mechanical Dimension Drawing

Units are in mm

Datasheet & Purchase Links


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