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The QBLP653 series is now available in 5mA sorting. This chipLED package is also known as the '1208D' since this package has a 1208 footprint with a dome lens to concentrate and intensify the emitted light into a 15 degree zone.

With more kiosks, payment terminals, and control panels being used outdoors, the QBLP653 5mA series is essential for future designs, requiring effective daylight brightness with the added benefit of power savings.


  • Indication, outdoors

    • charging status

    • parking meters

    • kiosks/payment terminals

    • control panels (charging stations, access control)

    • vehicle mounted instruments

Product Features

  • Standard-industry 1208 footprint

  • Low power consumption at 5mA

  • Surface mount

Electrical and Optical Characteristics

Mechanical Dimensions

Datasheets and Purchase Links


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