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The QBLP595 series is now offered in a 5mA sort. This 0402 chipLED package is emerging as the next most used discrete chipLED behind the industry standard 0603. With a 5mA sorted offering, this chipLED will contribute to the ever growing demand in the low-power market for less current usage with adequate light output.


  • Indication

    • wireless devices - fleet trackers, payment terminals, cameras/motion sensors

    • handheld's - barcode scanners, shavers, remotes, power banks

    • connectors - power cables and docking stations

  • Backlighting

    • keypads

    • panel or enclosure's symbols & logos

Product Features

  • Standard-industry 0402 footprint

  • Low power consumption at 5mA

  • Surface mount

Electrical and Optical Outputs

Mechanical Dimensions Drawing

Units are in mm

Datasheets & Purchase Links


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